What is Power Up teaching your children?

  • Power Up educators use an evidence-based curricula for each grade level.

  • Preschool students are learning about nutrition and physical activity through the Sesame St. Healthy Habits Curricula. 

  • Students in Kindergarten are learning about nutrition and physical activity through the Team Nutrition: Discover MyPlate Curricula. 

  • Students in elementary schools are learning about MyPlate, physical activity, food safety, food labels, 6 essential nutrients, digestion, breakfast, and more!

  • Students in middle school are learning about the Dietary Guidelines, physical activity, food safety, cooking, fast food, grocery shopping, nutrients, and more!

  • Students in high school are learning about building healthy meals, fast food, healthy beverage choices, calcium, energy balance, and more!


How can you continue Power Up at home?

  • Power Up educators provide newsletters each month to your students. To view or sign up for the newsletter electronically, please visit the newsletter page under caregivers.

  • Power Up educators provide food tastings to students several times throughout the year. Students are given the recipe to make this food at home. For the recipes your students may try in the classroom, please visit the recipes page under caregivers. 

  • For more recipes you can make with your students, please visit the adults/seniors page. 

  • Interested in learning more about nutrition? Power Up educators would love to come to a parent event or meeting to provide more information. Please visit the About Us locations page to contact the admin team. 

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