Move Quick to Get Healthy

My favorite physical activity is football. I love it. You can tackle people, but you have to run a lot. That gets you in good shape. You have to be in good shape so you can be fast and make a tackle. If you miss a tackle there is a good chance they will score. If they score you could start to lose. That is why you want to be fast.









You also want to be strong. Being strong can help you if you're on the line. If you're on the line then you have to hold a block for a long time so your running back can get through and score some points. It can also help you if you're a running back or a tight end. After you catch the ball or get a hand off you can stiff arm someone. A stiff arm is when you use one arm to block someone that tries to tackle you. To get strong you can eat healthy. One food you can eat is spinach. Spinach can make you stronger.




One last reason I like football is because you have to eat healthy. Our coach does not let us eat badly. He does not let us drink soda or eat badly because you run to get in shape then if you. eat badly you are not in shape. That is why I like football. 


-Jake Mountain

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Move Quick to Get Healthy

March 27, 2018

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