School Wellness Resources

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Program (FFVP)

Power Up provides a binder of facts about fruits & vegetables to share during the produce consumption in the classroom. For more information visit the USDA website. 

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Go for the Greens

Help us to promote green veggies this March.

March 13th, 2020

School Breakfast

Power Up can help promote school breakfast with a variety of techniques. For more information, see the word document. 

After School

Power Up offers after school nutrition education lessons to qualifying sites. Staff incorporate food tastings, physical activity, and encourage parent involvement. 

Summer Programming

Power Up offers nutrition education lessons over the summer. Staff take students around the world to learn about foods from different cultures. 

Food Service

These recipes provide Child Nutrition Program operators with delicious and new dishes that meet meal pattern requirements. 

Breastfeeding Support


Check out these great breastfeeding support resources to let mothers know breastfed babies are welcome. 

Monthly Newsletters

Power Up provides monthly newsletters to caregivers electronically.  Sign up below to have the newsletters sent to your email. 

Physical Activity Breaks/ 

Use these tools to provide physical activity breaks for your students.

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Great Apple Crunch

Join us in a "crunch" to support healthy snacking.

October 24th, 2019